Erotic massages for HIM


Venus erotic massage is a quality classic massage with a feeling of eroticism and sensuality where the masseuse is either naked or on your wish dressed in a sexy erotic lingerie. Our masseuses are the right answer to the demands of modern times for they can provide you physical, as well as mental relaxation exactly when you need it the most. With the correct touches and grips your circulation is improved and your lymph system is cleaned. Thus, more fresh blood and energy reaches your sexual organs, this makes you invigorated and you feel better and satisfied. It also effectively sooths stress.

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Duration: 60 min.

The LINGAM® Massage


Abroad, the Lingam® massage is a highly desirable and recognised. It is derived from the Tantra. In the Tantric language, the word lingam means penis. During the whole massage, the client lies on the back, is just receiving and surrendering himself completely for the duration of the massage, which is 45 minutes. With the exception of the introductory part where the body is massaged in the classic way, with hands, most of the massage is dedicated to your sexual organ.

The goal of the Lingam® massage is not merely the achievement of an orgasm, although it is often a pleasant and desirable side effect. This way the client can fully relax, because he does not have to worry about reaching any kind of goal.

The Lingam® massage has a lot of credit for experiencing stronger orgasms, harder erections, better sperm quality and higher testosterone levels. It also eliminates various blockades and in general contributes to a higher quality of the client’s intimate life.

Duration: 45 min.

Body to Body with one masseuse - Eros

Body to body erotic massage with one masseuse is a refined art of body movement with a happy ending. It includes elements of classic massage but most of all your bodies are being massaged and getting warm closely together. On the massage mattress in the candlelight and by accompaniment of ambient music a masseuse with her appropriate touches provides for a free flow of your life and sex energy, which helps to retain or to lift your sex strength and vitality. The abundance of sexual energy means health, creativity, strength and the ability of a more intense sensation of climax. The body to body erotic massage also effectively relieves stress and tension since the quantity of the happiness and wellbeing hormones is significantly increased. The body to body massage at le Venera is a true gift for your mind and body.

Duration: 20, 30, 45, 70 min.

Body to Body with two masseuses - Dionysius

Royal portion of attention with two masseuses on top of you. Four arms, four breasts, four seductive bottom loafs handle your tense muscles, are sliding in an oily way across your body and offer you an unbelievable oasis of erotic pleasure. A perfect heavenly trio and an exceptional erotic massage. You on the massage mattress with two naked masseuses. For we offer neither too little, nor too much. As if you were walking in the rhythm of imagination and illusion. It will be real but you will feel as if floating. In the arms of two excellent erotic masseuses. For dreams live everywhere and every moment. Make them true in Le Venera!

Duration: 20, 30, 45, 75 min.


Fetish erotic massage always gives you that something ‘extra’ and often provides additional pleasure. We offer plenty variation of the Fetish massage. The choice is broad: latex, lace, feet and palms, red nails and red lipstick, seductive underwear, various uniforms, role play, etc. We are always opened for your special wishes, so upon reservation of the Fetish erotic massage do not hesitate to tell us your ideas. When you return to reality after the Fetish erotic massage you will feel deeply relaxed and at the same time completely reborn. The fetish erotic massage may not be for everyone but it is worth experiencing it.

Duration: 30, 45 min.

Soft Dominatrix

Soft Dominatrix erotic massage offers you 1.000 spectres of an erotic massage for it comprises your subordination and an interesting game of fulfilling the mistress’s demands. If you wish you can bring your own tool, there is also available a choice of clothing, footwear and various tools and accessories. The Soft Dominatrix erotic massage is a unique experience and you set the limit. The time stops with this massage because for a moment You stop being the leader, head, alpha. Feel and surrender to her powerful energy, which becomes even more appealing, sexy and strict. Let her carry you far away where you can completely surrender to her. These are small surprises, whichbring the surrendering to all unique pleasures, most of which you’ve never dreamed of to be true. Extraordinarily liberating.

Duration: 30, 45 min.


Footjob erotic massage is intended for all fans of something special. Hot points on feet, such as toe fingers, sole, form of a foot and various actions connected with legs and feet – walking in heels, high boots, tickling, stepping and walking on a body. All this and more can be experienced in the erotic massage Footjob. During a highly arousing erotic massage she will get your crotch between her feet and in a right rhythm totally make you go mad. Try this unique experience.

Duration: 30, 45 min.

Massage Slightly different

Slightly different massage is perfect for those who wish to feel under their arms the soft, silky skin of our masseuse. Maybe you just want to try yourself as a masseur? Have you already tested your talent? With this massage, our masseuse puts herself in your hands, which are sliding over her oiled tense body. Hot body is waiting for your pleasant touch, to massage her and offer her pleasure. You can massage the masseuse on a massage table or on a mattress. By the end of the massage the role of the masseuse is the same as with the other erotic massages, hence the role is again turned and our excellent masseuse takes care exclusively of Your pleasure.

Duration: 20, 30, 45, 60, 75 min. (Venus or Body to body)

Mystical experience

Arousal, expectation, something new and unknown is an attraction to every experience. Total arousal of a single sense is true surprise for the entire body and your mind, for every day we are flooded with everything and bombarded from all sides. Therefore, experiencing an erotic massage with just one sense is a mystical puzzle and at the same time a true revelation! During the massage your attention is set on the exact stimulation where all the energy is combined and so your sensation becomes clean, sharpened and on a higher level of comprehension. In combination with whichever erotic massage surrender to a mystical experience exposed to the sense of scent, touch or hearing, which will profoundly open your body and ensure a real ecstasy of experience. Try a true sensory awakening, experience exceptional relaxation and get rid of stress and tension.

Duration: 20, 30, 45, 60, 75 min.

Prostate massage

We made sure that our masseuses are aware of the male ‘G’ spot and treat it with a great level of care and attention. Therefore, erotic massage which comprises the massage of prostate, isn’t just fun and pleasure since the stimulation encourages brain activity; regular massage bring more sexual strength and with it stamina and erection power. When you are being aroused it is quite pleasing and at the same time sexy.Such an erotic massage can also serve as a onetime variegation of all our other massages, so feel free to ask for its free combination at reservation of any other our massages.
Duration: 10 min