• Professional

    and discreet.

  • Total relaxation

    and revitalisation.

  • Silky touch

    of a seductive body.

  • Sweet pleasure.

  • A tool

    against stress.

  • For a light step

    and playful smile.

NEW! M vital® massage

The M vital® massage is a combination of our best massages; the body to body massage, which is charged with sensuality and eroticism, the Lingam massage, which is intended for the massage of your penis and testicles, the prostate massage (external and/or internal) and the massage of the perineum, which, due to the importance for the vitality of men, is also called the million dollars point.

The M vital® massage can contribute to greater sexual power as well as stamina, to more powerful orgasms, better sperm quality, a higher level of testosterone. It eliminates premature ejaculation and helps with a harder erection. You will be more vital, more resistant to stress, healthier, and the massage of your testicles and your pouch will assure greater activity of your brain and thus greater creativity. Can you wish for more?
You are very welcome to try out the hot and at the same time useful indulgence at Le Venus.



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